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Building or maintaining a #lit social media presence to turn your followers into consumers is harder than it seems! I know, right?

It’s easier said than done when it comes to making your Social Media Marketing efforts #trendy and #catchy. Likes, comments, and shares are not all that your social media pages need. If you are not getting the results you want from your posts, then it’s time to walk the talk.

You need a team that is always high on coffee and keeps an eye on the trends to power your social media campaigns with effective strategies, creative forces, results-driven efforts, and of course LMAO humour. When visitors come across your account, they should be scrolling crazily and consuming all the content you have to offer. And the endgame? The content must be compelling enough to not only hold their attention but also prompt them to take those proactive actions.

SMO Strategy

Sailax Media works dedicatedly with your brand to create a #kickass Social Media identity that reflects the essence of your brand and its #vibe. Our team is loaded with a clear understanding of algorithms and enhances both organic and paid media initiatives, increases brand engagement and reach, and smartly directs visitors to your website.

We analyse the attention-frenzied internet users and choose Social Media platforms like cool Instagram, boomers’ Facebook, serious LinkedIn, YOLO YouTube, etc. according to your needs and targeted audiences so that you get the best quality leads in large numbers.

The power of Social Media tools is massive and can produce the best results if done right. Not everyone can ace the social media game though! That’s where we swoop in.

We have now transitioned into a hyper-digital age where people share information with their mates and besties within seconds. The users trust recommendations from their online friends and peers more than from anyone else. We help you tap into this crowd to make the best out of your existing happy clients’ preferences and make way for your consistent growth as a brand.

Catch More Eye-Balls

Your Social Media will only drive more sales when it will be recognised by people who are interested in your products and services. Most of the time, your #content and #marketing campaigns fail to #reach the right audiences due to the lack of understanding of what your audience wants to see. With a good Social Media Marketing Agency, you get access to the optimisation of your Social Media pages and relevel your brand to a greater #exposure.

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To create buzz around your brand identity, you will need a solid Search Engine Optimisation solutions provider. It will boost brand recall value among customers and raise awareness about your business on various under-utilised platforms.

Social Media

When you don’t analyse how your Social Media operations are performing, it will be next to impossible for you to implement corrective measures. You need that to remain on the top of your game and ahead of your competitors. Wanna know how to do it? Drop us a query, aye?


Video content is ruling over Social Media platforms, especially on Instagram with hugely popular and addictive reels. Videos work as great ads as people are spending hours and hours watching reels and memes.
Our teams rally together to create attention-grabbing and trending video ads.


Sailax Media is a leading lead generation agency in Australia. We always aim to generate new leads in a lesser timeframe using credible promotional strategies on Google, Facebook, Instagram, and some other ‘new-age technology’ platforms. Our lead targets are secured, and we provide a full-service interface.


Lead generation on LinkedIn is more beneficial as compared to other SM platforms. At Sailax Media, our Search Engine Optimisation pros can generate maximum leads in a minimum time period. We optimise B2B and B2C businesses to achieve their business goals effectively.

Web Traffic

Our teams know their way around the Infobahn to promote your brand so that your website witnesses more visitors. We have such a skillorious Social Media Optimisation team that it’s never a hard yakka for us to convert visitors to loyal customers.

Our Digital Superpowers



We stalk your Social Media pages and website to analyse your business’s SOP, vision, core values, as well as your competitors’ Social Media Optimisation operations. This gives our team a deep understanding to come up with ideas that promote your product and/or services to potential customers.



We promise that you will stop stressing over getting organic traffic on your business accounts once you get familiar with our strategies. Our Social Media Marketing Agency is full of experts who design impressive campaigns that leave a long-lasting impact on the viewers.



It’s not everyone’s cup of tea to bring a great idea to its fruition with perfection and precision. Our Social Media Optimisation team executes each and every marketing campaign with consistent and creative efforts. You will be Wowwwww’d away by the results!


It’s all in the details and we observe keenly. We give more attention to every detail of your website while considering Google Rankings too. This cocktail of scientific methodology and designing skills yields key results that allow your website to perform the task of reaching out to your target audience successfully. We never cut corners since a crook coding and designing job would make us look like dipsticks, and we would absolutely hate to see that happen.

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