ORM can be explained as the process that manages the general online perception of your corporate entities from schools, universities, institutions to celebrities and brands. It helps in ruling out situations that can have an adverse affect on the branding of your company, by pacifying the agitated customers, increasing engagement, social listening, building or enhancing a profile and hence establishing a complete digital brand authority.


In the era of social media, all it takes to impact your business’s reputation is one dissatisfied customer! Responding to negative reviews is always an intimidating task, even when you’re experienced in dealing with unhappy customers. It can be quite a task to maintain balance when every second counts. But consistency is the key for achieving high-quality response, escalation and resolution. If your business receives negative remarks from anonymous customers you’ve never served, we’d make sure to block such profiles from building on to the negativity, minimizing risk of future attacks.

STRATEGIES THAT overpowers negativity

ORM, simply stands for the Strategy that overpowers negativity.

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The first step for a great ORM is to take it forward by analyzing what went wrong for your brand and why.


Actively Promote

Giving more power to already existing positive result helps wash out the negativity from the feeds and the minds of consumers.



An active monitoring on your site will include being a watchdog to every activity on your existing web material and in time responding to all comments by your customers. The agenda is to build trust which is done by paying attention to even the tiniest of activity over your digital domain.



Constant dealing with customers that have had a negative experience with your brand helps instill faith in your brand’s process of delivering justice to unsatisfied customers.

We are Great Listeners

We are committed in mind and heart. We strive to discover future potentials and design experiences across multiple touchpoints. We aspire to craft digital solutions with action steps that might surprise you.

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