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Are you a keen player in the industry for years, but still lack that “factor” in your work process? If there is a huge gap between the expected ROI and what you really get, you are probably missing brand building services from experts. Enhance your brand awareness with professionally designed brand guidelines that helps you strike the right chord with customers, employees and competitors.


Branding services include, Logo Design, Brand book solutions, brand collateral designs, brand name, story & strategies and marketing tools such as Viral or Influencer marketing. This service helps you attain an unmatched brand positioning that quickly elevates your organization’s stature.

Digital Branding

The professional branding solutions at Sailax Media is holistic, innovative and creative that lets you have an edge over your competition.

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Influencer and Viral Marketing

Who doesn’t want their brand to become popular overnight? But take it from us, overnight stardom is a hoax. A viral campaign is also carefully planned and strategized, all elements of it set in place cautiously.
Our team consists of experienced players to play the game wisely and cautiously. We can make your Brand go viral like “Gonna tell my kids” memes.

However, viral campaigns are short-lived. What after the fire has cooled? Influencer marketing keeps your Brand lively and trendy as it gets complemented by the trending people. Your prospect consumers would love to see the people they secretly stalk or passionately follow on social media use your products/services. It subtly targets the consumers’ subconscious mind, making conversions follow.

Talking in numbers, influencer marketing leads to a 58% higher conversion rate. And that’s only the beginning.
So what are you waiting for? We think you’ve got the answer to your problem. Just go for it. You know you want to!

We are Great Listeners

We are committed in mind and heart. We strive to discover future potentials and design experiences across multiple touchpoints. We aspire to craft digital solutions with action steps that might surprise you.

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