10 Website   Maintenance Tasks To Boost Your SEO

Optimize Page Load Speed

Keep your site speedy and keep your visitors and search engines alike happy with your site's performance

 Fix Broken Links

By repairing broken links, you earn happier search crawlers, visitors, and a stronger SEO presence

Optimize Images

Optimized images are easier for search engine crawlers to “read,” understand, and use to determine where your site should rank in the search results

Minimize Page Redirects

Correcting excessive page redirects as a part of your website maintenance routine to improve your website's SEO strength

Incorporate High-Quality Images

Search engine crawlers cannot read an image without an attached copy (e.g. alt text), they can read the results of poor images and rank you accordingly

Add Fresh Content

Fresh content can be blog posts, landing pages and product pages. As long as it delivers new, keyword-rich material, this will advance your SEO efforts

Review Your Analytics

Use analytics to advance your SEO goals by tracking bounce rate, length of stay, and other factors that influence how search engine crawlers will perceive your site

Optimize Existing Content

Reviewing and updating content that is more than a year old to maximize its SEO power and keep it an engaging and relevant aspect of your site

Optimize Metadata

Optimizing this information for your preferred keywords and topics is a good way to add SEO power to web pages

Hire Skillful Website Support

Keeping your website maintained & SEO-friendly takes constant hard work for a long period. Hence hire a skilled crew to assist you in these tasks

Don't Neglect Your Website and Reap the Benefits of Better Rankings &  Brand Awareness. We Would Love to Help you along the way!